Who do I work with?

This work is truly the essence of person centred care. It’s really all about you.

I am an open and inclusive person and am non-judgemental (unless you’re the person who doesn’t use your blinker…then you can bet your arse I will judge you!! And yes, I said it lolz)

Seriously though, I am walking a human experience, just like you. I find it easy to be non-judgemental and accepting of all people in my work.

I am a passionate and vocal advocate for both equality and equity and an ally to members of the LGBTIQ+ communities.

My aim is to create a safe space for you to be fully authentic, vulnerable and simply you – whatever that looks like.

You might be young; old; female; male; non-binary; heterosexual; a member of the LGBTIQ+ communities; indigenous; have specific cultural/religious/spiritual beliefs/rituals/practices; have a criminal record; live with a mental health challenge (I live with depression, so I get this one)…be partnered, single, have/don’t have kids, furry/scaly babies etc

The gift of this work and having and coming it from a spiritual foundation is that I get to connect with the essence of who you are; the beauty of your soul; this precious being that you are. I know that sounds a bit fluffy, yet it is true.

I’ve included below some stock pictures  that embody who I work with – hopefully you see yourself or similar in one/some of them.