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Dying and death are not the most pleasant topics of conversation, but they are a necessity, especially if you want to make life easier on yourself.

We know that we learn best through experiencing things, but a lot of the time, we need to have some knowledge first.  You wouldn’t want to try sky diving without some tuition first, would you?

If we have some knowledge before an experience, we can also avoid some of the pitfalls and making some mistakes.

And this is even more important when we are talking about end of life. It’s a time of life that’s hard enough, without making it harder than it has to be.

That’s where I come in. Through both lived experience with precious people in my world and then professional experience of serving hundred of people in various ways around the end of life, I share that knowledge and experience with you.

I understand first hand how heartbreaking this time of life is. And I know first hand how to make the most of the time.

While around 70% of people will know ahead of time that time on this planet is coming to a close, not everyone does.  When you know that time, it’s a gift. When you don’t it can be even scarier because there’s seems much more haste that is needed.

Doing Death Better | Sharon Tregoning

Who I Am and How it Helps You


~ A Wife and Mother
~ A Wicked Stepmother and Grandmother
~ A Sister, an Aunt, a Great-Aunt
~ A Friend

~ Experienced Qualified Counsellor
~ Experienced and Specialist Trainer in the End of Life Space
~ Master of Metaphysics
~ Extremely Experienced and Talented Public Speaker
~ Justice of the Peace in Queensland
~ Passionate Advocate for Death Literacy
~ Published Author
~ Ambassador for Dear Over Dinner in Australia
~ Past President of Dying With Dignity Queensland (and was the catalyst for a re-energised push toward voluntary assisted dying legislation being passed in Queensland)

Doing Death Better

My Mum and I 2 weeks before she died.  This was her last outing.

The deaths of precious loved ones in my world focused my professional work into the end of life space with a commitment to ensuring that we live this experience better.  Because of what I learned with them and then subsequently professionally, I know that I can assist you.

It’s challenging sometimes to share about our passion, talents and gifts without sounding egoic and arrogant…helping people make the most of end of life experiences is absolutely my soul’s purpose, my passion and what I’m here to do.

Know that when we work together – either 1:1 or through the workshops/trainings/courses – that’s my focus, along with surrounding you in masses of pure love.

Blessings, Sharon